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Wine Stopper – Trader of the Month October 2014

Wine Stopper – Trader of the Month October 2014

Will has always been creative, enjoying making handcrafted items. A musician for many years after which he took courses in enamelling and wood restoration. He used to make his own pear wine and then noticed a demand for a quality wine stopper. Most of the bottle stoppers available in stores were of poor workmanship and cheap design, mainly imports from the Far East and many of these bottle stoppers were unable to give an air tight seal, and definitely not handmade! That’s when the idea for making a quality hand crafted bottle stopper occurred. The first wine stoppers were made in 1994, which successfully sold at English heritage and rural craft fairs. They are made from the finest Portuguese cork, Maple wood, and Enamel; the non-porous tapered cork shape can be used for most bottle types, including wine, spirits, soda, oil, even champagne! Giving an air tight seal, even when lying sideways. Personalised bottles stoppers are available: they can be made from your images, artwork and ideas with no set up costs and a free of charge design. When you are looking for a gift, they have just what you need: both decorative and functional, supplied with a matching wooden cork holder, a presentation card and a gift box, wine stoppers will delight the recipient. Wine Stoppers trade during the weekend, Arts&Crafts at Jubilee Market in the art of Covent Garden. Check the full article here:...

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