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Jubilee Market 30th Anniversary

JUBILEE MARKET CELEBRATED 30 YEARS!   The team at Jubilee Market,in the heart of Covent Garden, would like to thank all those who attended our magnificent 30th Anniversary celebratory events last week end. The sun shone down on all the lovely visitors and entertainers, completing both perfect days out. The eclectic mix of “H.M.The Queen”, stilt walking Beefeaters, three generations of the Pearly Kings and Queens, the Town Crier and the London Belles Morris dancers, was complimented perfectly by the ukulele playing Dads Army duo, Marlene Dietrich and the lovely Miss Kimberly. Victorian dressed flower girls offered the enormous crowd tasty, gooey cupcakes while the Mad Hatter battled with face painted children diving into the lucky dip bran barrel. Naturally, the biggest queue was for photos with the Queen and on the plush throne, a favourite with all ages and nationalities. The finale sing song of We’ll Meet Again along with all the smiling faces will have imprinted this occasion on everyone’s hearts. Don’t worry if you missed out….this is just the start! Look out for more good times at Jubilee Market. Truly the heart of Covent Garden and just what London needs.  ...

Eggstravaganza at Jubilee Market

  This Easter, the Easter Bunny and friends will be making a special visit to Jubilee Market, in the heart of Covent Garden, on Good Friday and Easter Sunday for the market’s egg hunt egg-stravaganza. Between 12 and 4pm on the 25th and 27th March, little ones will have the chance to hunt through the colourful and lively market stalls to find an array of hidden eggs. Successful hunters can then trade in their finds to the Easter Bunny, in exchange for a bag of treats. With eggs carefully hidden at each of the unique stalls, there’s plenty of edible prizes to go around. Free to enter, the Jubilee Market Egg Hunt welcomes all visitors to take part on either Friday’s general merchandise market or Sunday’s arts and crafts market. In addition to the Easter goodies, guests can also peruse the aisles of special gifts, eclectic buys, vintage and street fashion and fun souvenirs. We will be waiting for you bunnies!...

Santa @ Jubilee Market

On Thursday 12th of November, we had the enormous honour to host Santa for a few hours in our market. He was very pleased to see how many children (and adults) who wanted to have their pictures taken with him…and get a sweet too! 🙂 Try to find yourself in one of the pictures below, we hope you enjoyed this wonderful afternoon at Jubilee Market                                            And here’s a video too! Santa wished a merry Christmas to all Jubilee Market’s customers ...

Halloween @ Jubilee Market 2015

Thanks to everyone for coming to our Halloween Treasure Hunt on 30th and 31st of October. We had so much fun and both our traders and kids enjoyed very much! Here you can find some of the picture we took. See you soon on our next event! And again…Happy...
Prima Sapori d’Italia Restaurant and Cafe’

Prima Sapori d’Italia Restaurant and Cafe’

When you arrive at Prima Sapori d’Italia Restaurant and Café you are suddenly feeling like you have landed in Italy. Between a ‘Ciao’ and ‘un caffé per favore’ you might forget to be at the Jubilee Market in the heart of Covent Garden! Speaking with the Managers of the restaurant Abramo and Daniele, in front of an espresso and a Nutella Sfogliatina (you should try it!), we found very comfy seating here and chatting about this place. This Restaurant has been founded in 2000 in London; before that period a tiny café was here. A massive refurbishment took place and also a dehor has been built: now there are plenty of seats, up to 40, both inside and outside. There are lots of tourists from Europe, US and Australia but also VIP people often come here, like Mr Lavazza and the famous pasta-maker and chef Giovanni Rana. Whether having breakfast, lunch or dinner here you will definitely find something tasty and unique to have: starting from the typical Italian Cannolini and a creamy Cappuccino, a wood oven Pizza or a Calamari Salad or tasting a Lasagna or a ‘tagliere’ with Parma Ham and Buffalo Mozzarella. All the ingredients and products here are coming from Italy and so staff is strictly Italian. With the 20% discount on eat-in for local workers in Covent Garden area, at lunch time Prima Sapori d’Italia is vibrant with a diverse clientele: you can also order a take away Pizza, greet everybody and get back to the office. Arrivederci! Visit Prima Sapori d’Italia Restaurant and Café every day, 9am to 9pm, in the Jubilee Market...
Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is around the corner and we would like to celebrate it with you! Join us on Good Friday and Easter Sunday for an extraordinary Easter Egg Hunt event. Explore all of the Jubilee Market stalls to spot the decorated eggs; Look for the White Rabbit who is playing around in the Jubilee Market; Exchange your Egg for a mouthwatering chocolate treat! We are looking forward to seeing you here during your Easter...

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