Ma Russell’s is a new range of preserves, an ode to all those sassy women who know no limits. They believe life is for living to the full and live, love and eat with passion.

Ma herself comes from a line of great cooks who all fight fervently for the title of ‘Family Master Chef’ and that’s only the men. Those who have met Ma would agree she’s definitely more sassy than sweet.

Ma’s jars are 8oz of sheer delight, good looking enough to add style to any shelf. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced but, having a Caribbean slant, some come from further afield, but all are fair trade whenever possible. It’s truly a fusion of two worlds; local London ingredients and an authentic Caribbean heritage.

The 27 preserves are handmade in small batches. They are suitable for vegans and ingredients are organic whenever possible.

Ma Russell’s Sweet & Sassy is about uncompromising quality at a great price.

Ma Russell’s can be found every weekend at the Jubilee Market in the heart of Covent Garden.

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