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Antiques & Collectables

Every Monday 5am to 5pm

The Antiques Market offers you the best and broadest selection of antiques in London. Our professional antique dealers present antiques and collectibles from every era and style, including: Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Fine Art, Fine Jewellery, Fine China, Sterling Silver, Antiquarian & UsedBooks.


A one stop shop for all serious collectors of porcelain and figurines. You can find Lladro, beautiful French Limoges and the finest hand crafted pieces from Valencia in Spain.

Anne Porcelains

A wonderful plethora of highly collectible porcelains, vintage bags and jewellery.

Ben the Book

A large stall filled with plenty of fascinating collectibles. Lose yourself amongst the books, pictures, paintings and old coins.


Brocant have something for everyone: from the discerning collector and connoisseur to the magpie in us all, fall in love with the gaudy, the shiny, the macabre and the eccentric. They are proudly eclectic and invite you to re-fab your home with a signature piece from their endless variety of unique treasures.

Tel: 07980 832 512 (Gary) 07923 458 105 (Ramon)
Website: brocantantique

Dishes Porcelain

Immerse yourself in a bygone world of sterling silver and finest porcelain plates.

Eamonn and Andrew

A collective mix of art deco from the 1930s and antiques from France and Belgium. It’s clear to see why Eamonn and Andrew are passionate about French art!

Jan Bags

Amazing collectibles for sale from pictures, ashtrays, books, figurines and flasks. Attractively displayed to catch the eye.

 John Smith

Trading in Jubilee market since 1988, John Smith offers a paraphernalia of everything collectible: cutlery, sterling silver trays, pots, old fashioned lamps and figurines just to name a few!

John the Hat

Trading in Jubilee market for over twenty years, John offers everything from stainless steel and silver cutlery to tea pots, medals and European coins.

Jules Toad Hall

Evocative and nostalgic, this amazing stall will send you on a journey back in time. Letters, old trays made by German designers, top hats and ancient books are amongst the many antiquities that can be discovered here.

Mary Smith

A dedicated trader at Jubilee market for over thirty five years! Every Monday Mary drives fifty five mile from Canterbury to bring her beautiful selection collected with her love for antiques. Just the place to find that special diamond ring.

Paul and Anty

Huge selection of old magazines, vintage comics and posters VHS/DVDs.


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An Aladdin’s cave of elegant cameos and precious jewellery.

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