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Browsing around Covent Garden and walking through the west side of the Jubilee Market during peak hours you might face a queue along the colonnade: this is because here there is an exchange company that offers one of the best rates in London. The Covent Garden FX.

This bureau is a family run money exchange business that has been trading out of Jubilee Market since 1987; Sid Hayes and William Healey started the business and today this shop is still serving tourists from around the globe and locals that live and work in the area.

Emma Hayes and Paul Healey are now managing the business with even more success: they have developed a community of trusting clients who travel from near and far to exchange their cash exclusively here at the Jubilee Market, in the heart of Covent Garden. Emma is also Manger of the Chelsea’s ladies football Team and despite her busy agenda she welcomed us here, explaining the key points of this trusted worldwide exchange-rate company.

“No deal is too small” – is the motto. Treating their knowledgeable customers with respect and honesty, they work on high volumes and small profit margins and this is why their rates are so good. They also have worked on a word by mouth and customer referral basis: this is what they pride themselves on. Covent Garden FX has the best money exchange rates in London and is proud to be a part of Jubilee Market and its history.

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