When Quan was 8 years old he moved from Vietnam to London with his family. Since Jubilee Market was established in 1987, Quan’s mother Minh was selling Chinese items, which were quite difficult to find all over the UK during those days, and his dad Cung was also trading here as a fortune teller.

When his father retired in 1999 Quan took over the family business and today he is selling in the Jubilee Market hats, gloves, scarves, funny t-shirts and hoodies.

Here at Duc Trading you will be surrounded by nice staff that will guide you through your purchase process, with 5 stars customer service: you can have a look at the Made in Scotland hats, official Star Wars t-shirts or even football scarves (Quan told us that Manchester United is the best seller at the moment, but this really depends on the season!)

He helps lot of tourists to find the right item but he also assists local customers: most of them come here every year knowing that they can always find new products.

Despite his Civil Engineering degree, Quan prefers working in the Jubilee Market: it allows him to meet new and different people every day and even after 15 years of trading two days here are still never the same!

Find Duc Trading from Tuesday to Friday at the Jubilee Market, in the heart of Covent Garden.

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