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If you pop in to Covent Garden you can’t miss Sunny’s terrific real leather accessories and jackets stall: trading since 2001 in the Jubilee Market, and with over 14 years’ experience in leather products, Sunny Leather Goods will help you to find the leather item that suits you best.

The majority of these goods are made in England from 100% calf or sheep leather; there are several models available, even flying jackets, and over 3,000 different colours to choose from a made to measure and alteration service for jackets, trousers and anything else that you have in mind: they can create pretty much everything for you! And least but not last, the main speciality for them is making leather Jackets from XXXS up to 7XL!!

Sunny Leather Goods is in the Jubilee Market every week from Tuesday to Friday and with his characteristic smiling face we felt our visit to the stall was absolutely pleasant; in fact, he told us, “What makes me glad is customer satisfaction and he loves to be honest and reliable with them. If you are not happy with your shopping, the Company policy is money back guaranteed and Sunny’s aim is to see you are always happy with your purchases.

We asked Sunny to tell us about an awful or funny situation that happened to him. ‘Often, when a gentleman come with his wife and he is willing to buy something that he really likes, but generally if his lady doesn’t like it… oh dear, they will never buy it! So I have to be careful because it’s like walking on eggs shells!’.

You can meet Sunny and try the fantastic quality of the leather during the General Market, Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm, at the Jubilee Market in the art of Covent Garden.

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